Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan....and here at home

 Hello! I hope all of you are doing well and getting ready for the holidays! I LOVE the USO and all they do for our troops. My son is a Duck Dynasty fan and got to meet  a few of them just the other day, sorry I can't tell you who is pictured above, as I don't watch it, but let me just say he was pretty happy to get to meet them;)
 My pride and joy, so very proud of him and all he has accomplished!
Working hard over there and looks like he needs a good bath, lol. He has passed the half way mark for the deployment so it is all downhill from here. He is doing good all things considered but very much looking forward to homecoming as we all are.
Not sure what this is all about, but glad to see he still has his delicious sense of humor:)
Meanwhile, little Tyler has been introduced to SNOW! For a little one that was born in Hawaii it took some adjusting to the white stuff, but he has discovered sledding and snowballs *giggles* I have been having fun on PiZap altering some pics of him, so much fun! 
This is one of my favorites, wearing mommy's coat!
 Riding his trike in the house, yes there are not many boundaries when you are a grandparent, anything goes;)
Our beautiful Kiah is 12 now. We had another close call with her last week. She had an anal tumor removed in April and has had ongoing issues since, but she came through another crisis where we thought we would have to help her pass to rainbow bridge, it's so very hard when we love them so much:( 
We are just enjoying every day, week, or months we have left with her, such a special girl she is! It's sad that not many seem to blog anymore, miss all my former blogging buddies but I also know how hard it is to keep up with it all. Wishing each of you a very happy, blessed holiday season with those who you hold dear in your hearts, Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The white stuff came!

 Hello! I've been slacking again in the blog dept. just so hard to keep up with it all between blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. so many interesting things so little time! Hard to believe this old gal will be 12 next week, where has the time gone *sigh* she was a bit surprised to find the snow this morning but I guess it is that time of year! I have been off work for the last couple weeks recovering from shoulder surgery, just a tear and bone spur removed but I am doing good:)
We have been enjoying spending time with our grandson, will be a tough holiday season with our son spending it in Afghanistan. Bless all of our brave troops who sacrifice so much, until you have gone through a deployment with someone you love you really have no idea just how hard it is. But Santa will come, the tree will go up as always, and this little stinker will be enjoying the snow:)
He is still getting used to the whole coat and hat thing being all his winters so far were spent in Hawaii, but he is fascinated with the white stuff coming out of the sky, lol! Hope all my blog friends are doing well and enjoy the day wherever you are:)

Monday, September 30, 2013

It's apple cider time!

 Happy Fall everyone! The weather here in PA has become a lot more fall-like lately, some days warm and some chilly, most nights have been very cool but wonderful for sleeping:) Our apple trees did fairly well this year considering the late frost issues and the fact that with heavy rains and winds this summer we lost 2 trees. We will replace them in the spring. Many years ago when we bought our property my husband wanted to get an apple press to make cider with all the apples, well after checking the prices of them he decided to build his own as he is very creative in his own way;)
 Here is the operation in full swing with Miss Kiah making sure the cider is coming out of the spout, she is the best helper ever:)
 The apples go into this grinding shoot which chops them up into "mash" which then goes into a pressing bag..
the mash then goes into the presser while still in the bag, then we turn the handle and make it press down hard on the mash to squeeze the juice out, this takes awhile as you have to keep adding more pressure to keep the juice flowing. It drips into clean 5 gallon buckets and there you have it......
apple cider! Hope you are all enjoying some nice fall weather as well in your neck of the woods!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello...I am back, for now :)

 Hello blog friends, wow it has been awhile. I have been on a difficult path of late, I even deleted the blog for a couple weeks thinking I was done and had nothing more to share, but I miss all of you who used to visit I feel like I lost some wonderful friends so I am going to try again, maybe with this blog, maybe with a new different one or maybe not at all, time will tell. So what has been going on here? To start my son is serving in Afghanistan, to tell you it is hard is an understatement, we are all having a very hard time with it. The pic above is me and my Kiah, she will be 12 in November and our time together on this earth is winding down, it is very hard as well, we have a bond like I have never had with another dog, I love her so much and the thought of losing her breaks my heart:( She has arthritis and is on 2 different pain meds for it, I won't let her suffer for my own selfish reasons when the time comes but I am hoping I won't have to make that call as it is a hard one, my hope is when the time comes she will pass peacefully at the time of her own choosing.
 This little guy keeps us busy, oh the energy of a 2 year old!
He loves to play under our apple trees...
 and run, run, run!
 He just turned 2 a couple weeks ago and got his "first bike"
 he could hardly wait for grampa to assemble it..."Hurry up gramps!"
He got a Mr. Potato head as one of his gifts and what does he do? takes out the eyeglasses and puts them on, LOL, such a little clown he is!
I am working part time again, doing light housekeeeping for a lady with MS, it helps to keep my mind off other things a bit, I do miss working in the Veterinary field alot, but with my back problems it just doesn't seem possible,I was offered a vet. assistant job in the spring at a different clinic than I worked before but the hours and pay were not good and I turned it down.  I would like to start volunteering maybe at our local wildlife rescue or Humane society so I can still make a difference in some form, we shall see. Hopefully I can post again and have something of interest to share, thank you for stopping by and I hope you each have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Our grandson is no longer a resident of Hawaii

 Alot of folks don't realize what military kids go through, with all the changes, moves and adjustments, parents deploying and new friends to make and old ones to be left behind. Luckily for Tyler he is still young enough that he won't remember the friends he has left behind or the fact that he was born in Hawaii:) He is quickly adjusting to being a PA country boy now, and as you can see that entails having your very own tractor;)
 He is still getting used to pressing on the pedal to make it go, but when it goes, he smiles!
 He is also quickly learning to help mow grass....
keeping the doggie in line.....
and swinging! and of course Grampa had to let him try out the "Big" tractor too;O
We are enjoying visiting with my son as well and he will be here for another week before Uncle Sam needs him back but for now we aren't thinking about that part, just enjoying:) Thanks for visiting, hope you are all doing well!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Apple blossom time and the puckerbrush!

 My very favorite time of year here in our neck of the woods next to fall is spring:)  We have approx. 22 apple trees on our property and I wait all year for that one glorious week when the trees are in full bloom, the smell is intoxicating in it's own way!
 After a long, cold winter it is eye candy at it's finest!
 Some more of the trees out back:) If only I could bottle up the smell and enjoy it all year long! Other parts of the property are looking pretty ragged right now....
The property line down this side of our acreage is filled with multi-flora wild roses, they smell wonderful as well when in bloom but the rest of the time they are just a problem and highly invasive, I call this area the puckerbrush. We had one section that had taken over the last few years so on saturday me and the hubby decided to tackle it and cut them back several feet. I had on a pair of his heavy welding gloves up to my elbows and still got many thorns all over myself, it is a NASTY job!
 We did mange to get it under control though, now just have to burn all the brush piles, UGH! I also wanted to do a new border around my raspberry bed so we got some landscaping timbers, now I want to add some wooden posts to all 4 corners so I can drape some bird netting over it when the berries start to ripen. So busy times here but very enjoyable to go to bed at night after a hard days work in the yard and even better when you can fall asleep on lined dried sheets:)
Hope you are all enjoying spring as much as I am, thanks for visiting with me today!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The weight loss journey

Well hello again! First no posts for 3 months then 2 in a row, lol! Thought I would share a bit of what else I have been up to, losing some weight! In the past year I have lost 27 lbs.  Did I "diet", no way, sadly I basically worried it off due to alot of stress in my life. I do notice now though that I don't eat the junk food nearly as much and I do not drink any soda diet or otherwise.  The pic above was me on my son's wedding day, Dec. 26th, 2010 and it was the last photo I have of me that heavy. Next are 2 pics of me just a few weeks ago....

I feel so much better and have been having fun shopping for new clothes, and am down to size 10 jeans from a 16 last year:) Did losing the weight help my fibromyalgia and back pain? In all honestly, NO, even though my Dr. had assured me it would it did not but I feel better in other ways and that's ok with me, the journey will continue:) We are having mid-70 temps and plenty of sunshine here in PA today so i am headed outside to enjoy it, Happy May Day everyone!!!!